Steve Barbieri

Lead guitar/vocals

Steve grew up listening to and inspired by all kinds of music, especially from the 50s and 60s, from early doo-wop to rock & roll to British Invasion stuff (Beatles, Stones, Kinks, et al.) to blues artists such as Paul Butterfield and a few Kings (Albert, B.B., and Freddie). Steve has been a mainstay of the Sonoma County music scene and beyond for many years, lending his guitar and vocal work to performances and recordings for numerous bands and recording projects, in genres ranging from rock to folk-rock to rockabilly to country to R&B to blues, which is the core of his playing. He still has the poster from his first gig, an after-football-game dance for his high school with a local garage band. Musical artists he has worked with include The Rowan Brothers, Bobby Black, Harvey Mandel, Dallis Craft (Ace of Cups) and The Sorentinos. As well as the Sorentinos, he currently plays with local bands Solid Air (Americana) and Soul Fuse (funk, soul, R&B). He has also played for the last several years with legendary bluesman Nick Gravenites.

In 1980, Steve was playing in a band called Whiplash & The Lawsuits with Billy Prine (John's brother). Also playing guitar in that band was Steve's friend Ralph. Danny saw the band and got a phone number from somebody so he could call Ralph to audition for his band, The Chills, but got Steve's number by mistake. Thinking he was calling Ralph, he called Steve. Steve went to the audition and ended up getting the gig with the Chills. Steve played with the Chills for the first half of the 80s, including that fateful night at the Mabuhay Gardens when Danny met Rob. Steve played for a year or two with the Sorentinos in the 90s and sang backup on many of their recordings.  He rejoined the band in 2015 and has been playing with them ever since.