Rock Notes

September 2023
Hello out there, it's a nice summer day here in Cotati Ca. My wife and I just got back from a nice camping trip up in the Lake Tahoe area, and it was just beautiful. I love me some lake swimming …no sharks! And since my wife has freed herself of the shackles of employment, we are getting ready to be the rambling kind….
So just before I left for vacation, I sent my new album 'Myth Of The Circus' off to get manufactured, and it should have an October 9th release date, if all goes well.
I am saying this is my last album …I know I said that my 'SF Sounds' was gonna be my last one, and then I put out two more, 'Home' and 'If All Goes Well'. I thought my SF album kinda brought everything full circle and was a good place to stop. And then the pandemic happened, and just like everyone else, I was stuck at home. So I wrote songs, and I had enough for those two albums so there ya go!
This is a solo album, my 5th I think. And it will be the 29th Album I have released since the mid 80's, when I understood you didn't have to have a sleazy business man exploit you to put out your own record.
So that's what I’ve been doing for 40 years, writing songs I wanted to write, and putting the music out there for anyone that was interested. Although this will be my last album, I will continue to write when the spirit moves me and I may release a single or two if I think it's for the good of mankind! I will continue to play the occasional gig here and there as long has the gig looks fun.
Thanks to everyone that have been supporting the band all these years. I wouldn't have put out one album without knowing someone was out there listening. Oh, and I think this is a really good Album to go out on.
dig you later , Danny

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