Rock Notes

June 2021
Oh well, looks like we are finally gonna have the dark veil lifted, at least a little. And life is gonna start getting back to kinda normal. So I am writing this on the 14th of June, and on the 15th most of the mask mandates are going away. I have to say I am super stoked about it. I am hoping to go to a Giants game this week and sit in the vaccinated section where they give you the free beer! I know, free beer is not their policy right now, but I'm gonna see what I can do… I mean they are giving away a million dollars in a lotto for people to get the shot, so I figure free beer and a shot go together!
Well I live in hope ….
So I am starting to book gigs again after a year and a half, and so far we are playing a private party in July and we just confirmed a gig at The Taft Street Winery on July 5th. So we are starting to rehearse the new songs on the 'Home' album and try to pick out which songs to play from our ever growing catalog, and maybe a few new cover songs. It's exciting to get back to playing again, and we are looking forward to seeing old friends and catching up.
Our buddy Todd Crawshaw has just revamped our website so everything is current. So be sure to click on the song clips at the bottom of the music page, or you could also check out the sound-cloud link on the upper right side of the home page that will take you to a bunch of other songs that are free to listen to. So thanks to Todd for taking care of all those zeros and ones and making it happen.
I have to mention a streaming show that has been making my life better... The Mick Fleetwood Concert, which he produced in London last year just before the pandemic struck. This is a tribute to the early days of Fleetwood Mac... the Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, Jeremy Spencer years. This was the version of Fleetwood Mac that I grew up with, the reason I started playing in the first place was to be Peter Green or Danny Kirwan, not Bob Dylan or Tom Petty or a songwriter which is what I turned into somehow. But it wasn’t the plan when I picked up that first Stratocaster. Anyway PBS is running the show right now. Most of it is pretty good. Some of the guests are not people I would have picked, but overall it's a nice tribute.
Well that’s Dan's pick to click for this month, so keep safe and sound and we hope to see you out in the world soon .
Dig you later, Danny

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