Rock Notes

July 2020
Happy 4th of July!
This is without a doubt the strangest 4th I've ever experienced in my 64 years on the planet. Seems like only yesterday Margaret and I were looking at fireworks explode from the San Diego Stadium on Hwy 8 in 1976, the Bicentennial year, that promised the biggest most elaborate firework display ever. And it was pretty awesome as I recall. We are a long way from those mostly carefree days now. And how. Everyday the news just gets weirder. It seems like the information overload that is the daily news cycle is just too much to take. At least it is for me. I have to take days off looking at the news. I really don't think the human brain was made for processing the modern rate of zeros and ones that come our way everyday on our smart phones, computers and tablets. So I will just continue to read my books and listen to music along with a bike ride or two, and call it good.
I hope you are all fairing well in this time of pandemic and social unrest, along with the mass layoffs and coming fire season. Like an old middle eastern curse goes “may you live in interesting times”. Well this is it, I would say very interesting as Artie Johnson would say from 'Laugh In'.
The Sorentinos gigs for the year have been all canceled as far as I know and I really don't see us playing out until next year, if we are lucky. I have had Rob and Rory over and we are recording what I am calling 'The Covid Covers', which is a bunch of cover songs we have done over the last 30 years or so,and few that we haven't. Rob, Rory and I lay down basics, and then I over dub them. I had Steve over last week for some guitar parts and singing. I am mostly done with the first batch of 12 songs, and then I hope to do another session soon, and do another 12 or so. And then after those are all done, I will edit an album together of some kind, hopefully the good kind.
As far as books and music, I am reading the Robbie Robertson book that I bought a few years ago when it came out, and I am just getting around to it now. That's the good part of not working right now. I have time to read, its a good read. Robbie knows how to tell a story although I know some don't like his revisionist history take on the story of The Band. But I am trying not to let any of that bother me and just enjoy his version of the story. Everyone has a version of their story.
Everyday I am going through whatever kind of music I feel in the mood for that day. I have been listening to the new Bob Dylan, which is good but I am still making my way through it. Not sure if it's the masterpiece all the critics say it is, time will tell. And the new/old Neil Young album 'Home Grown' which he recorded in the 70s and just released this month. Once again I need more time on this one. And for new music, I like the band the Allah-Las, a kind of a surf band vibe with singing but definitely a Southern Cal beach vibe. There are not that many new bands coming along that an old guy like me likes anymore.
Rob did a interview with '12 String Bass' Online Magazine. Click Here It's a good article and Rob looks as handsome as ever…..well almost.
Stay safe, dig you all later,
Danny S.

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