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October 2019 Notes
Well, here we are in the Autumn of the year here in sumptuous Sonoma County. This is my favorite time of year here and it is a mindblower how fast we got here this year. I have had a busy year with my son Cappy getting married to his beautiful wife Francis here at Shady Grove, and then my daughter Lily having her second child and my fourth grand kid, Luca Sorentino Ratleff! And I decided to keep working at the waterfront at least one more year so I have had to put my head down and try to get those hours in. Which precludes me from trying to play as many gigs and I would like to, but I figure I have played thousands of gigs, and when the time is right and my retirement is solid, I will try to go back and play a few more.
I do miss playing a little bit, now that we have just passed the two year mark since Tom Petty died, I have been pulling out all the old albums and DVD's and just digging the greatness of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Also Tom's birthday is coming up this Sunday the 20th. He would of been 69. I was looking around for a place to play that day, but it just didn't work out. Maybe next year.
So as of right now, all The Sorentinos have booked is our Christmas gig at the Redwood Cafe Friday December 20th. We may play a date before that, and if we do, I will post it asap.
Other than that keep rocking and we hope to see you soon.
Danny Boy
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